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Internet Marketing System Feature Comparison

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Feature Basic Pro Premier
Manage Leads
Lead Management  
The heart of the Marketing System. All leads come into the Lead Management System. Controlled by simple intuitive user friendly interface, you are able to quickly find your hottest leads, send 1-Click Emails to a group of leads, transfer leads to colleagues, assign Email Campaigns, and more.
Included Included Included
Lead Import Wizard 
Easily import your contacts from your mobile device, favorite email provider like (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol) and social media sites (linkedin, facebook, twitter) into your Lead Management System.
Included * Included Included
Task List  
Stay organized. Use the task list to schedule follow up calls for product demonstration, closing of a sale, future referrals, up-selling, candidate interviews and more.
Included Included Included
Purchase Leads  
Can't wait? Purchase real-time leads that will get your business started.
  Included Included
Superior Email Marketing
Library of 1-Click Emails  
Library of pre-defined 1-Click Emails to help you get started.
Included * Included Included
Send 1-Click Emails  
Ability to quickly send 1-Click Emails from the Library to your leads.
Included * Included Included
Schedule 1-Click Emails to be delivered at the exact time you want your lead to receive an email Included Included Included
Create 1-Click Emails  
Ability to create a single email with support for custom fields that give you the ability to send out emails to a large number leads where each email appears to come directly from you. Each 1-Click Email can be saved as a template to be used in the future. Each 1-Click Email sent is tracked and scored
  Included Included
Create Email Campaigns  
Create and schedule your own Email Campaigns. Strategically send information to your prospects at the perfect time. Each email sent is tracked and scored.
  Included Included
Email Deliverability (Seed List)  
How do you know your email has reached your lead's inbox? LeadOutcome's seed list is used on every 1-click email or email campaign to verify that your email's has made it through the spam's filters and into your leads inbox
Included Included Included
Email Opens  
Did your lead read the email? LeadOutcome will record in your lead history if your lead has opened and read your email
Included Included Included
Email Statistics  
Each time you send out a 1-click email or email campaign, LeadOutcome tracks the results of your campaign and provides you with simple easy to read reports on the results. The system tracks items like emails sent, opens, bounces, unsubscribes, spam.
Included Included Included
Email Link Tracking  
Any hyperlink you put in your emails will automatically be tracked and scored in your lead's history.
Included Included Included
Custom Lead Categories  
As the number of leads you receive increase, it is important that you stay organized. Create Lead Categories to assign your leads to the appropriate bucket for future lead conversion activities like 1-Click Emails, Email Campaigns and more.
  Included Included
Custom Email Themes  
Create your own custom email themes. An email theme is the shell that your email content is placed. It contains your company logo, your companies look and feel, your companies colors, and contact info. Email theme's are used each time a 1-Click Email or Email Campaign is sent out.
  Included Included
Custom Lead Fields  
Capture additional information about your leads outside of the basic contact information. These fields are also available for use in 1-Click Emails or Email Campaigns.
Custom Lead Field Searches  
Ability to search through leads by custom fields
Public Image and Document Repository for use with 1-click emails Included Included Included
Private Image and Document Repository for use with 1-click emails Included Included Included
Opt-In Forms
Opt-In Form Wizard - No coding.  No Kidding!   Included Included
Professionally Designed Ready-to-go Opt-In Form Templates   Included Included
Customize templates to your liking   Included Included
Assign Form Custom Fields that are integrated into the Lead Managment System and Email System     Included
Basic Lead Work Flow Control (Assign Email Camapign / Auto Responder)   Included Included
Advanced Lead Work Flow Control ( Email Notifications, Transfer Leads, Lead Categories, Assign to Team Mate, Schedule Email, Increase Score)   Included
Generate Optimized HTML code and embed opt-in forms on your favorite web site, blog, or social media site.  Includes full form, subscribe button form, email only fields.   Included Included
WordPress   Included Included
Drupal (Coming Soon...)   Included Included
Joomla (Coming Soon...)   Included Included
Marketing Websites
Marketing Websites  
Websites that target a certain vertical that have been designed to warm prospects up to your business. These websites promote thought leadership providing the prospect with free videos and white papers in exchange for their contact information. (Network Marketing)
Included Included Included
Multiple Lead Capture Pages  
Lead Capture pages that will enable you to target different demographics like Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals, Work from Home Moms, Individual Retired, Economy, and more. (Network Marketing)
Included Included Included
External Web Site Integration  
Integrate your websites or social media sites directly into the Marketing System using our External Web Site Integration Wizard. This wizard will generate the necessary HTML markup tags to ensure that Lead Capture and Lead Tracking is performed properly.
  Included Included
Social Media Links  
Integrate 300+ Social Media sites into your Marketing System or external website.
  Included Included
Social Media Tracking & Notification  
As your prospects share your message with their friends, you will receive instant notification of the event and the event will be recorded and scored in your lead history.
  Included Included
Custom Domains  
Purchase your own domain and point it at our marketing websites for a professional finish.
Custom Email Account  
After purchasing your domain, complete your professional finish with an email account that uses your new domain.
Lead Activity Tracking
Real-time Lead Event Notification  
Receive immediate notification as your prospects visit your marketing sites, download a spreadsheet, take action on a 1-Click Email, Email Campaign, or watch a movie.
Included Included Included
Daily Lead Summary Email  
Every morning you will receive an email summarizing all lead activity from the previous day, enabling you to effectively plan the next steps for each lead.
  Included Included
Lead Tracking  
All lead activity is recorded in your lead history. This includes all visited web pages, movies watched, white papers viewed, 1-Click Emails sent, Email Campaigns sent.
  Included Included
Lead Scoring  
All lead activity is that is tracked is also scored. This includes all visited web pages, movies watched, white papers viewed, 1-Click Emails sent, Email Campaigns sent. Each activity's score is weighted according to significance.
  Included Included
Lead History  
All lead activity is recorded in the Lead History. This includes all visited web pages, movies watched, white papers viewed, 1-Click Emails sent, Email Campaigns sent. You can also add your own notes to the Lead History as you have interactions with your leads.
  Included Included
Team Selling
Transfer Leads  
Scale your business by transferring leads to your team.
Track Transferred Leads  
Receive a daily Lead Summary Report of all activity performed by team on transferred leads.
Publish Email Campaigns to your team  
Have you ever wished if you could just duplicate yourself? Now you can. Build your Email Campaigns with your words, your value proposition, your way, and publish it to your team so they can use them too.
Publish 1-Click Emails to your team  
Have you ever wished if you could just duplicate yourself? Now you can. Build your 1-Click Emails with your words, your value proposition, your way and publish it to your team.
LeadOutcome U - The LeadOutcome Training Schedule Included Included Included
Internet Marketing Webinars - Educational Internet Marketing Webinars.  Yes...these are informative, no hype, useful webinars that you will not regret attending.  Use these webinars to help define and shape your businesses Internet Marketing Strategy. Included Included Included
LeadOutcome Training Videos - Watch and Learn how to use the various technologies in the LeadOutcome system. Included Included Included
LeadOutcome Training Webinar Archive - Learn how others have implemented successful strategies using LeadOutcome (Includes Case Studies, Advanced Training, Interesting ways to leverage latest Internet Marketing Trends, Announcements and more...) Included Included Included
Weekly Training Webinar - Covers Getting Started, Stay on-top of LeadOutcome's latest news, technology announcements, case studies and get all of your Frequently Asked Questions Included Included Included
Affiliate Program
Affiliate Website  
Receive a custom Affiliate Website with your own URL. This website is used to promote this Marketing System. Contains your contact information on every page. Used to enroll new members.
Included Included Included
Affiliate Genealogy Tree  
View your affiliate team in a graphical Genealogy Tree. See who is your top sellers are, who is active, what level of membership team members have, and more.
Included Included Included
Affiliate Program (learn more...)  
Refer this Marketing System to your team or new prospects and when your referral becomes a customer you will receive a monthly residual commission for each month your referral is an active member.
  Included Included
Affiliate 1-Click Emails and Email Campaigns  
Includes pre-defined 1-Click Emails and Email Campaigns to help you find new customers. Includes banner ads for promoting this Marketing System.
  Included Included
* Features marked with an asterisk have limited functionality
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  • 100 Contacts
  • Lead Import Wizard
  • Limited 1-Click Library
  • Limited Campaigns
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  • 10,000 Contacts
  • Lead Import Wizard
  • Unlimited Opt-In Forms
  • Tracking & Scoring, Rules
  • Custom Lead Fields
  • Unlimited 1-Click Library
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Transfer Leads to Team
  • Campaign Kits
  • Marketing Recipes
per month
  • 5,000 Contacts
  • Lead Import Wizard
  • Unlimited Opt-In Forms
  • Unlimited 1-Click Library
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Tracking & Scoring

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