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Zapier LeadOutcome Integration is now out of Beta! Let's celebrate with a FREE InfiniteContact Campaign Kit!

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We are so excited to officially announce that the LeadOutcome + Zapier Integration project is offically out of beta and live.  Steve Rosenbaum and I have been wanting this now for 12 months and it's finally here.  We were thinking about how can we best celebrate this incredible day and have you share it with us.  Steve came up with a great idea: Lets create a simple, but very powerful campaign kit that would put these 2 awesome technologies to good use in a way that will make you become a more efficient marketer.  So here is what we came up with: InfiniteContact Campaign Kit!

You are going to love this! 

InfiniteContact Campaign Kit will ensure that you will
never let another lead fall through the cracks.  When you assign the InfiniteContact campaign to your leads, your leads will receive a series of of Done-For-You, ready to go, professionally designed emails by Steve Rosenbaum (from Bottom Line Marketing Automation) at very strategic times throughout the year.  What's great is the campaign never ends!

Now when you combine InfiniteContact Campaign Kit with Zapier, things get really automated.  So what does Zapier do?  

InfiniteContact - Never let another lead fall through the cracks! +
Zapier - Automating common tasks
Zapier is a service that allows web applications to talk to each other. When paired with LeadOutcome, Zapier gives you the ability to connect to other Web apps and automate tedious parts of your marketing workflow. Click HERE to learn more.

Now imagine
if staying in contact 
with your leads forever
was as simple as applying a "Label" in Gmail!


Gmail + Zapier + InfiniteContact

Applying the InfiniteContact label in GMail results in a lead being automatically created in Leadoutcome. The email is then added to the history, and the InfiniteContact campaign starts executing.

Watch this video as Steve Rosenbaum shows you this in action:

How cool is that?

There are all sorts of cool things can you do with LeadOutcome and Zapier.

If you are ready to make this a reality, here is what you need to do:

1. Click HERE and follow the instructions to get your LeadOutcome and Zapier Accounts created.
2. Purchase the InfiniteContact Campaign Kit (It is free for Zapier users).  Click HERE.
3. Register for the training webinar where Steve Rosenbaum will show you not only how to get this up and running in 5 minutes, but also how to take this kit to a whole new level!  Click HERE.

Hope you guys enjoy this kit.  Please give me some feedback.

All the best,

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