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I want my leads to update their contact information. How can I do this and remove leads that don't respond?

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I want my leads to update their contact information. How can I do this and remove leads that don't respond?
What you’ll first want to do is import all your leads under a category that you choose (but not the main category they should exist in). 

You’ll then want to create 2 tags:
Has not completed contact form
Has completed contact form

You’ll then want to tag all of those new leads with the tag “Has not completed contact form.” To do this, select all leads, click the link to “Select All X Leads” > Select Action > Apply Tag > Select above tag.

Then assign all those leads to the Contact Info Request campaign.

On your Update Your Contact Information Form, add the following actions under Optional Behaviors (step 3):
1. Assign Campaign: select the Follow Up Campaign. (This campaign is to thank them for updating contact info & possibly present an offer or relevant follow up information.)
2. Assign Tag: Has completed contact form
3. Unassign Tag: Has not completed contact form

Save this form and paste it on your website.

Then create a Smart Pixel. This smart pixel should have the following action:
Unassign Campaign: Contact Info Request.
This Smart Pixel should be pasted on the Thank You Page that the lead is taken to after submitting the form.

What will happen as a result of the above:
Your leads are tagged to easily identify which leads have taken action and which have not. The use of tags will make it very easy to segment.
Leads are enrolled in the campaign and prompted to submit the contact request form. 
Leads that DO submit the form will:
- be tagged as such
- have the ‘no action’ tag removed so they won’t be a part of that removal list
- be assigned to the new campaign
- be removed from the old campaign when they land on the thank you page (after submitting the form).

Leads that DO NOT submit the form will:
- not change their tag
- get all emails in the initial contact request campaign
- not get enrolled in the fundraising coordinator campaign.

To get a list of all the leads who did NOT submit the form:
- Go to Manage Leads and click the Advanced Search icon (magnifying glass with a +)
- Find the field Tag in the ‘select field to search’ dropdown
- Leave Equals
- Select the Tag 'Has not completed contact form’
- Select Save as List and give it a name.

The above list will contain all the leads who have not taken action. After the initial campaign is over, reference this list and you can mass-delete all those leads at once. 

To do so:
- Select this list from your ‘Filter by List’ option on Manage Leads
- Select all leads at the top left > Select All X Leads
- Near the top right, make sure you see '1234 Leads (1234 Selected)' — both must match to make sure all leads are selected.
- Select Action > Delete.

This will remove all the leads that took no action to submit the form.
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