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What is an A/B test?

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What is an A/B test?
An A/B test consists of two variations of the same content on a landing page. It is also considered a split test.

In an A/B test, generally you'll want to test only one variable on your page (e.g., test the color of your submit button). This allows you to quickly identify what factor is causing a higher conversion rate. 

If you test multiple variables on your page, it becomes increasingly more difficult to determine which factor(s) is/are causing the higher conversion rate. While it is possible that multiple factors will cause a higher conversion rate, when you are able to pinpoint these factors, it allows you to have more insight on what your leads find more compelling.

As a general rule, you'll want to always be testing different versions of your landing pages. Always optimize them for better performance. If you notice after a change that conversions drop, revert the page back to what it was and test another variable. Always be testing!

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