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What is a SMART Pixel and how do I use it?

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What is a SMART Pixel and how do I use it?
Track and score any external website, blog, or social media site by embedding a SMART Pixel. From then on when one of your leads visits this page, in addition to being tracked and scored, the actions you configure will be executed. This is a great way to automate workflow into your email campaigns and 1-click emails.

So, what is a SMART Pixel? It is a tiny 1px by 1px image that, when loaded, tracks the visit to your website, blog or social site. 
  • To create the SMART Pixel, navigate to Integration > SMART Pixels.
  • Name the page that the SMART Pixel will live on. This will help you identify in your leads when they've had any changes in their record (score increase, email sent, campaign enrollment, etc.).
  • Choose what to assign (or un-assign) to the lead.
    • Selecting 'Email Notification' will send you a notification email when the SMART Pixel has executed for any lead.
  • Click 'Generate SMART Pixel.'
  • Copy the code you're presented with.
  • Paste on your website/blog in an HTML box or in the source code of a rich text module. Pasting on a social site requires you to use an application that adds an HTML box onto your site.
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