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We currently support 1 user per account which makes the following necessary if you want to assign leads to sales reps:
You'll need 1 main account (the Affiliate account) where the leads get funneled into, and each sales rep would have a sub-...
You may have some leads in your new list that already exist in the system. Importing them will update their contact info, but the category will remain the same. Once a lead has a category assigned to it, only a manual override will change the category. If you want to update these leads' categories...
Manage Leads, Leads, Adding Leads
What you’ll first want to do is import all your leads under a category that you choose (but not the main category they should exist in). 

You’ll then want to create 2 tags:
Has not completed contact form
Has completed contact form

You’ll then want to tag...
Campaigns, Manage Leads, Lead-Capture Forms
First, it is important to understand how form cookies work.
If you're in a private browsing/incognito session, there are no cookies (which are...
Lead-Capture Forms, Integration
Smart Pixels won’t be the best way to accomplish this, as only 1 campaign can be assigned per smart pixel, and having multiple smart pixels will result in only one of them working (the others get ignored).

To accomplish this, you will need the...
Campaigns, Smart Pixels, Marketing
To cancel your LeadOutcome Membership, please log into your account and click on the My Account tab at the top right.

On this page to the far right, you'll find a 'Cancel' link:
  • You’ll want to go to Marketing > Campaigns and open the campaign in question.
  • Then find the email(s) in question and hover over the gear to the far right > click Edit.
In the top section, you’ll find a section that says: Reply Address (with ‘Me’ in the...
Campaigns, 1-Click Emails, Marketing
Typically when this happens it is a browser caching issue. Clearing your browser’s cache will often resolve this. 

If you’re not sure how to clear your cache, you can use this article:

Your Email's Spam Score - Why is it important?

You decided to purchase LeadOutcome because you want to automate your marketing.  You want to be able to automatically and systematically reach thousands of people with a click of a send email button, with a click on a form...
Campaigns, Manage Leads, 1-Click Emails, Adding Leads

Welcome to the  Ultimate Follow Up for Life Introduction

Let us show you how to put your Follow Up for Life on Auto-Pilot in under 10 minutes.  Watch this insightful presentation as marketing automation expert and author of the Follow Up for Life Campaign kit, Will...
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  • 100 Contacts
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  • 10,000 Contacts
  • Lead Import Wizard
  • Unlimited Opt-In Forms
  • Tracking & Scoring, Rules
  • Custom Lead Fields
  • Unlimited 1-Click Library
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Transfer Leads to Team
  • Campaign Kits
  • Marketing Recipes
per month
  • 5,000 Contacts
  • Lead Import Wizard
  • Unlimited Opt-In Forms
  • Unlimited 1-Click Library
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Tracking & Scoring

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